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Breast Enlargement Aberdeen

If you live in Aberdeen area and are considering breast enlargement we have two specialist clinics just a short journey away in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Located within both of these clinics are some of the most prolific and successful breast augmentation surgeons in Scotland and the UK.

Breast enlargement or as it is commonly referred to as a “Boob Job” involves inserting implants behind the existing breasts to create a fuller bust or perhaps to restore breasts that may have lost their shape or volume.

Breast augmentation can improve the fullness and shape of your breasts but can also improve the symmetry and proportion of your breasts, enhancing your overall figure, improving your self-esteem and giving you a new found “body confidence”.

AugmentMe also offers a procedure known as an augmentation mastopexy which reshapes your breasts using existing tissue. Coupled with breast implants this procedure provides additional required volume to give a fuller more shapely bust.

Patients living in Aberdeen considering breast enlargement will also has access to a system called Vectra XT which is a 3D body scanner. This scanner firstly creates a 3D image of the patient’s chest area which is then adjusted with different styles and sizes of implant to model what you may look like after surgery. The Vectra XT is the only unit of its kind in Scotland and would require a visit to our Glasgow clinic for the scan.

Vectra 3d image

Potential candidates for breast enlargement surgery are those looking for a natural look with breasts in proportion to their other body features. Some key considerations are:

  • Physically healthy and non-smokers
  • Those with realistic expectations
  • Those with a fully developed bust, we only operate on over 18s
  • Those who are dissatisfied with their breast shape, balance, nipple position
  • Those who are post pregnancy. We recommend to wait six months after breast feeding
  • Those where one or both breasts failed to develop normally (e.g. tuberous breasts)

The Procedure
Breast enlargement has now become the most common cosmetic surgery carried out in the UK and is now viewed as a routine surgical procedure. Today AugmentMe are considered by many as the go-to specialist for breast augmentation in Scotland.

During your procedure an incision will be made in the skin fold under each breast. Your surgeon will discuss with you the location of the incisions beforehand so you’re aware of where the scars will be. In most cases they will be hidden from view after the operation.

After the incisions are made the implants will be inserted and positioned either between your breast tissue and chest muscle or behind your chest muscle — again this will be agreed with your surgeon during your consultation. Once the implants are located in the correct position the skin beneath the breast is then stitched closed and covered with a dressing.

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When a local anaesthetic and sedation have been used it is normal for you to go home on the day of your operation. If you opt for a general anaesthetic you will most likely need to stay in hospital overnight. After your operation you will be given instructions on the do’s and don’ts. You will also need to take things easy for the first couple of weeks too and for six weeks after the operation you will be required to wear a specialist support garment — our team can help source this for you.

After the operation there will be a level of swelling and bruising. This is perfectly normal and will usually settle down in a week or so after your operation. Your breasts will start to look and feel normal within a few months.

Your Consultation
We believe it is key that patients engage surgeons who are breast surgery specialists with experience in this field and always choose a local provider. AugmentMe staff are always available to answer any questions and to advise on any aspect of your surgery.

If you live in Aberdeen and are considering breast enlargement please call us on 0141 237 7871 to book a consultation in either one of our Glasgow or Edinburgh clinics.

Prices: Breast Augmentation starts from £4,650.

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