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Breast Enlargement in Edinburgh

If you are contemplating Breast Enlargement, then AugmentMe has just opened its latest clinic in Edinburgh based at the “The Edinburgh Clinic’s” facility at 40 Colinton Road.

The new service in Edinburgh is led by our Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Vivek Sivarajan and his team of consultant plastic surgeons and anaesthetists, the AugmentMe team are one of the most experienced and prolific surgical teams specialising in breast augmentation procedures today – meaning you could not be in safer hand for a life-enhancing decision.

Why Choose Breast Enlargement?

The list is varied and every customer who comes to the AugmentMe clinic does so for their own specific reasons. For many the reason may be quite simple – customers what to regain fullness following pregnancy or perhaps weight loss. For others the reasons might be to correct uneven breasts or to just increase their bust size to better match their frame.

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Vectra 3D Imaging Simulator

AugmentMe has invested in the Vectra 3D Imaging Simulator. This 3D Breast Imaging System scans your physique then displays a 3D simulation on a monitor, which allows your surgeon to vary the size and shape of you implants at a click of a button. The 3D Imaging System is a wonderful piece of equipment and leaves no room for guesswork or unexpected surprises following surgery.

This equipment is based in the Glasgow Clinic and in order to use this facility you will be required to travel there once you have decided that you want to go ahead with surgery, but is a very worthwhile investment of your time in order to achieve the optimum result.

Vectra 3d image

Surgical Options
There are two principal options for breast enlargement surgery – Silicone Implants or Fat Transfer:

Silicone Implants:
Silicone Implants is the most common of the two surgical options. Implants come in a range of sizes and shapes allowing you and your surgeon to select the best option that will deliver the best possible results.

As well as being able to choose by size customers can also select either round or ‘tear drop’ implants. Many customers consider the ‘tear drop’ a more natural and subtle look, however, your surgeon can talk through in detail all your options and choices available.

Fat Transfer:
This relatively new treatment is becoming increasingly popular and is 100% natural and free from foreign material. The process is simple – fat is removed from another area in your body – usually buttocks or thighs and transferred to your breasts. Similar to the breast implant procedure this is carried out under local anaesthetic and sedation which means you do not need an overnight stay in hospital unless you elect to.

In most cases, we are able to increase breast volume by around one to two cup sizes. We are also able to balance breast sizes should there be a discrepancy in size or restore shape or infill scars and indentations using this technique.

With Fat Transfer around two thirds of the transferred fat stays therefore a top-up follow on procedure may be required at some point in the future.

Your Operation
The majority of our Breast Augmentation procedures in Edinburgh are day-cases and are carried out under local anaesthetic and sedation. Day-case procedures are a convenient option as they allow customers to go home the same day as their procedure and get back on with their daily routines. Customers who elect for a general anaesthetic may be required to have an overnight stay to monitor recovery.

Breast Enlargement at AugmentMe in Edinburgh starts from as little as £4,650 .

AugmentMe has one of the most comprehensive Customer Warranty plans in the UK. Please click here for further information.

Contact us
If you are considering breast enlargement at our clinic in Edinburgh call 0131 261 8200 to arrange a consultation. Alternatively, you can complete our Enquiry Form here and a staff member will call you back.

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