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Breast Enlargement – Northern Ireland

Many of Augmentme’s customers now travel in from Northern Ireland due to the convenience of short travel times and low cost fares. Flights from Derry and Belfast can take as little as 35 minutes, alternatively if your choose to travel by sea Scotland is very well connected with ports in Stranraer and Troon – which is just a 40-minute train ride to the city-centre of Glasgow.

Why Glasgow?
So why travel from Northern Ireland to Glasgow for breast enlargement? AugmentMe’s team are some of the most experienced, qualified and prolific surgeons in the UK who specialise in breast enlargement and reshaping – meaning you could not be in safer hands for a life-changing decision.

Why Breast Enlargement?
Our customers choose to enlarge their breasts for whole range of reasons, some of which might be to regain fullness following pregnancy or weight loss, or perhaps to correct uneven breast symmetry or to simply increase breast size to better match their frame.  There are number of options available to increase breast size which your consultant can take you through carefully to achieve your desired results.

Our Vectra 3D Breast Imaging Simulator
Exclusive to AugmentMe in Scotland and Northern Ireland is our Vectra 3D Breast Imaging Simulator. This is an invaluable piece of equipment and one of the most advanced pre-operative simulators on the market today.

Within a few moments the Vectra 3D Simulator will scan then present you with a visual simulation of your physique.  The Vectra 3D Imaging software then allows your consultant to change the shape and size of the implants at a click of a button, allowing you to see how your breasts would appear before making a final implant choice.

Vectra 3d image

What are your options:
The two principal options for breast enlargement are either Silicone Implants or Fat Transfer.

Option 1 – Silicone Implants:
Silicone Implants are placed underneath the breast tissue (sub-mammary / sub-glandular) or underneath the breast muscle (sub-muscular). As well as round implants, we can also offer you a “tear drop” or anatomical implants for a more natural or subtle result. Your surgeon can advise you on what might suit your physique best.

Option 2 – Fat Transfer:
Fat Transfer is a relatively new technique, which allows fat to be taken from one area of your body and used to increase breast volume or even to uplift your breasts. One big advantage of this option is that there is no foreign material used, nor do you need a general anesthetic.

One additional benefit for this option is that fat is removed usually from the tummy or thighs, so if there is excess fat there you wish to reduce this area can benefit at the same time.

Your Operation
Both Silicone Implants and Fat Transfer can be carried out under local anesthetic with sedation in just over an hour in what we call “walk-in-walk-out” day case procedures. This option often appeals to many customers with a busy lifestyle. If you elect to have a general anesthetic this would require one night spent in hospital.

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Recovery and Aftercare
Recovery from a breast augmentation procedure is generally very quick which means you can back on with your daily routine with minimum down time.

Below is a summery of the dos and don’ts after your surgery:

  • We recommend at least one week off work
  • No driving for seven days
  • No bathing or swimming for fourteen days
  • No heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for six weeks
  • Wear post op bra or sports bra for at least six weeks
  • Apply an anti-scar gel for 2 months following surgery for four months

Breast enlargement
with Augmentme starts from just £4,650 depending on the type and shape of the implants and which anesthetic options you choose.

Finance Options
Augmentme partners with afforditNOW Loans which means we can offer you repayment options between 1-5 years at low interest rates – please ask a member of our team for details. Decisions can take as little as 15 minutes.

To help you know what your monthly repayments might be just click here and try out our Free Finance Calculator.

Your Warranty
We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties available. Click here for details.

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